Our Advocacy Work

Financial barriers 
  • Lead advocacy champion on legislation that would require commercial insurance in Massachusetts to cover both Coordinated Specialty Care and PACT as a bundled payment 
    S.646/H.1062 An Act for supportive care for serious mental illness has been reported favorably by the Joint Committee on Financial Services and the Joint Committee on Health Care Finance. It is currently in the Senate Ways and Means committee (July 2022). 
  • Working with the  MAPNet   (Massachusetts Psychosis Network) team for Early Treatment providing technical assistance to CSC programs in Massachusetts) to develop a bundled re-imbursement and rate for both Medicaid and commercial insurance. ‚Äč. 


  • Working with PEPPNetto collaborate and learn from other states on initiatives to develop bundled payment models and a subcommittee on billing codes for full coverage of CSC


988 – Behavioral Health Emergency Reform